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prob•lem•at•icJordan Retro Air "blue 5   /ˌprɑbləˈmætɪk/Jordan Retro Air "blue 5 USA pronunciationHoodies À Acheter Hop Pornhub Sweat Redbud03 Multicolore 54 Pull Hip Homme Lettre Sweatshirts 24 Streetwear Capuche Femmes De Du   also  ˌprob•lemˈat•i•cal,  adj. 
  1. of the nature of a problem;
    doubtful:a problematic rise in unemployment rates.

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prob•lem•at•ic  (prob′lə matik),USA pronunciation  adj. 
  1. of the nature of a problem;
Also,  prob′lem•ati•cal.  prob′lem•ati•cal•ly, adv. 
  • Greek Jordan Retro Air "blue 5 problēmatikós, equivalent. to problēmat- (stem of próblēma) problem + -ikos -ic
  • Late Latin problēmaticus
  • 1600–10
    unsure, indeterminate, unsettled, dubious, ambiguous.

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problematic /Jordan Retro Air "blue 5 ˌprɒbləˈmætɪk/, problematical adj
  1. having the nature or appearance of a problem; questionable
  2. obsolete (of a proposition) asserting that a property may or may not hold

ˌproblemˈatically adv

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